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Random Strings In Booleans

Full Fuzzer NameRandomStringsInBooleanFieldsFuzzer
DescriptionThis fuzzer will replace boolean fields with a random string. The expectation is that APIs will reject the request as invalid, rather than defaulting boolean values to false.
Enabled by default?Yes
Target field typesOpenAPI type boolean
Expected result when fuzzed field is required4XX
Expected result when fuzzed field is optional4XX
Expected result when fuzzed value is matching not field pattern4XX
Fuzzing logicIteratively replaces boolean fields with the string fuzz
Conditions when this fuzzer will be skippedWhen field is not of type boolean
HTTP methods that will be skippedNone
ReportingReports error if: 1. response code is 404; 2. response code is documented, but not expected; 3. any unexpected exception.

Reports warn if: 1. response code is expected and documented, but not matches response schema; 2. response code is expected, but not documented; 3. response code is 501.

Reports success if: 1. response code is expected, documented and matches response schema.